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Workshop: Building Your Brand Story – International edition

Learn how to effectively communicate your brand message through storytelling

Brand storytelling strengthens and increases your audience by creating an emotional connection to your audience. Today’s audience is driven by personal connections that they make with brands. Engaging in brand storytelling can open doors to expanding your targeted audience

During this 4-hour workshop, you will understand the powerful impact you can create with a strong brand, which is crucial to have to stand out as a person or business. To get your message across, you will also learn how to build your brand story and actually create content for your personal or business brand during a written exercise. 

The workshop is divided into 2 parts:

The workshop is held on 2 separate days, each part is a 2-hour workshop.
This is an ONLINE event! Event links will be shared after payment.

Part 1- Branding (2 hours)

Get more clarity on the concepts of “branding” and “brand voice”. And why building a powerful brand is crucial nowadays to stand out and create an impact.

Part 1 will cover:

  • Why an effective Branding Strategy is so important
  • How to create a successful strategy that fits your company / personality and goals
  • Most common mistakes you should not make
  • Focus points for your own strategy to effectively spread your message

Takeaways from part 1:

After the workshop, you’ll understand why having a Branding Strategy that fits your (company) values is so important. This workshop helps you to implement an effective branding strategy to effectively communicate these values in your on- and offline content.


Part 2 – Storytelling (2 hours)

Storytelling is a fundamental human experience that unites people and drives stronger human connections. Learn how to create a powerful story of your brand and build stronger relationships with your clients.

Part 2 will cover:

Part 2 will cover:

  • An understanding of narrative, transformation, and the values it creates
  • Develop emotional aspects of your brand and how to share them in your story.
  • A writing exercise to create content for your company profile, blog, or social media.

Takeaways from part 2:

You know how to skillfully get your message across by taking your audience on a journey that taps into their emotional senses to connect with your story. You are able to create stories to function as a tool to pass on knowledge.


9 June 2022 – Part 1 Branding
10 June – Part 2 Storytelling

Time on both days: 

1 – 3 pm AST / EST
7 – 9 pm CET


Early bird € 85 
Admission € 120

Your Hosts
Workshop Branding & Storytelling
Intan Tanjung

Content &
Communications Specialist

Workshop Branding & Storytelling
Yustine Alvares

Co-Founder of Dark Blue International, Branding Specialist, and Writer

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