The DBI Female Empowerment Mentorship Program

This free DBI Female Empowerment Mentorship Program is now closed for registration.


A mentorship program offered by Yustine Alvares

I am very excited to launch the first DBI Mentorship program for young professional women who aim to develop their personal and entrepreneurial skills.

During a period of 6 months with 6 one-on-one sessions, and 3 group meetings, this program is all about passing knowledge, sharing experiences, and above all, experiential learning.

Why you need FREE this program?

This mentoring program is available for only 3 mentees, each of them either based in the Netherlands, Indonesia, or Suriname.

You are looking forward to have a mentor in one of the following fields:

  • Startup
  • Business growth
  • International business
  • Personal branding
  • Business branding
  • Female leadership

You’re committed to investing in yourself by showing up for the scheduled meetings, take initiative, and finishing the program.

It is important to realize the mentee set the initial goals and I, as the mentor, am giving feedback and suggestions accordingly.
I would like to make clear this is not a coaching program!

To make sure we are a good fit, I will review all sign-up forms and run introductory video calls to get acquainted.
As I’m a strong believer in working together when having that ‘natural click’.

Once you have submitted the registration form, you will receive an email with the invite to book your slot for an interview held during 23 – 25 August 2021.

The program

The program is online and starts with a kick-off gathering on 7 September 2021, where all mentees are present and where the goals for the sessions are defined.
You can ask questions, share ideas, and together we build towards a great period ahead.

After the kick-off gathering, you need to make your own appointments with me for the 6 one-on-one meetings.
These can be held either in Dutch or English.

As a mentee, you are responsible for the quality of your own specialization track.
You set your learning objectives and the questions you want to answer for yourself during the mentoring program.

As a mentor, I can share my experience with you and reflect on your questions.
The topics that are discussed depend on your questions/input.

The dates for the group meetings (held in English) are mentioned below.

The schedule

  • Submit the registration form before 13 August 2021. Go to registration form. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!
  • Introductory interviews are held on 23 – 25 august
  • The official announcement of the 3 chosen mentees on 27 august
  • Kick-off on 7 September 2021
  • September 2021 one-on-one meeting 1
  • October 2021 one-on-one meeting 2
  • November 2021 one-on-one meeting 3
  • 7 December 2021 Group Check-in
  • December 2021 one-on-one meeting 4
  • January 2022 one-on-one meeting 5
  • February 2022 one-on-one meeting 6
  • Last week of February 2022 Group Closing

The costs

This program is 100% free.

Why? Because I truly believe that women should support other women.
I missed having a mentor myself and being a (personal branding) mentor during the first mentor-mentee program for Female Ventures Rotterdam, was such a great experience, that I really want to offer this possibility through DBI.
I would love to share my knowledge and experience with the younger upcoming generation.
Because I know how important it is to be able to ask for advice, to let out your concerns, or just hear another take on things.

Seeing you succeed in your career by taking ownership and celebrating yourself, inspires me too!

Why choose me, Yustine, as your mentor?

I have 14 years + of international experience where I had to build a network from scratch. Start a new life and business in a new country.
Taking into account different cultural aspects. (Re)Position and brand myself to be visible.

Everything I know about international business, business growth, startups, branding, and female leadership is because I have experienced it myself.
So, it is not “out of the books knowledge” but truly from what I learned myself.

I’m a down-to-earth person with a personal approach, who is genuinely interested in you and your growth process. You have my support by carefully listening and giving pointers/advice when needed.

Other benefits

  • Access to my network
  • Being encouraged and empowered in personal development
  • Being helped to identify and achieve career goals
  • Being helped to identify and correct gaps in generic skills and knowledge
  • Increasing your confidence and feel strong
  • Developing and maintaining a broader perspective on career options and opportunities

A testimonial.

Saaiqa Merali –
Mentee via Female Ventures Rotterdam Program

“Yustine was an excellent mentor to have at a pivotal time in my life and career. As a fresh graduate looking to freelance and apply for work – having a confident, established and empathetic woman to guide me through this time was invaluable. Yustine taught me how to use personal branding to better understand what I was bringing to the table, and more importantly- how to leverage it in interviews and client meetings. I was able to use these tools for my personal goals, my relationships and even my hobbies! 

I always looked forward to my conversations with Yustine, and left each one with action points and things to think about. Surprisingly enough, it rarely felt like homework and always felt like an exchange of experiences and ideas. 

Even though she was my mentor, Yustine spoke to me as her equal, which in turn boosted my confidence and helped me bring my best self to the opportunities that I was presented with during this time.”

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