The DBI Personal Branding General Periodic Scan (GPS)

The DBI Personal Branding General Periodic Scan (GPS)

Your personal branding strategy is an ongoing process. As you evolve as a person, so should your brand.

Does the course of your brand still match what you had in mind when you started?

What would it be like for you, if you…

  • Can tell a clear story about who you are and what you stand for.
  • Have your own vision and let your own voice be heard in the market.
  • Are known as the expert that customers/clients want to work with.
  • Know how to create more impact with your personal brand.
  • Know how to improve your strategy/.
What’s your story?

Then make a strong brand of yourself and show what you have to offer!

Together we check if you are still on track or if it’s time to adjust your branding strategy.

You will receive practical tips to update and improve your brand. 

A testimonial

How does the DBI Personal Branding General Periodic Scan (GPS) work?

Step 1

Book your discovery call and lets find out if we are a good match, exchange expectations so I can help you the best.


Step 2

Once we agreed to proceed, a questionaire will be send to you to fill in.
In the mean time, I will conduct my branding scan and analyse your online visibility.

Step 3

During our second meeting of 1,5 hours, we will discuss the questionaire, my findings of the scan and action plan to empower your persononal brand.


Hiring me for a one-off scan is not how I work. I will be available for questions that might arise during the implementation of your new strategy. And I wil keep track of your actions as well to see if everything works out as we plannend.

Contact Yustine Alvares via for a special offer if you are a group member of “The Secrets to Building a Powerful Brand” on Facebook or have joined her workshop “Why you need to start your personal branding strategy…NOW!”

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