Paul & Yustine Alvares

We are the founders of Dark Blue International

We help your business grow.
Creating strong brands and awareness.
National, regional, and international.
Introduce and connect you to relevant local and international networks.

We are your perfect partner for international business investments, effective services, and solutions.
We are Entrepreneurs & Investors with commitment and potential for Ambitious Entrepreneurs like you.

We don’t just advise or give information.
No, we execute, manage, and provide strategic investment opportunities, suitable at any stage for you, your company, or your organization.

Paul Alvares – Visionair

Entrepreneur, connector, brand ambassador, manager of international high-end lifestyle companies, brands, entertainment, and organizations in Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and since 2005 in Asia.

  • Passionate, Charismatic, Inspiring & Motivating

  • International experience

  • Finance, Investments & Startups

  • Strategic marketing, communication & branding/brand management

  • Business expansion, Strategic business alliances, New business processes & Business operations

Yustine Alvares –
Visibility, Creativity & Strategy

Makes companies and individuals visible (on- and offline), knows a lot about business/personal branding, creates strategic business growth, ensures creativity, renewal, and retention of the look, feel, and tone of voice. Active in Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and Asia.

Public Speaking
Tedx speaker
Yustine is also active as a keynote speaker, panelist, workshop leader, and moderator. She likes to address topics related to (female) entrepreneurship, personal/business branding, women empowerment, equality & inclusion.

Business Mentor
She was also a (personal banding) mentor for the first mentor/mentee program from Female Ventures Rotterdam in 2021. This inspired her to start her own Female Empowerment Mentorship Program for DBI!

In January 2022, she will launch the DBI Empowerment Mentorship Program, which is open to all genders. Use the link below to know more.

Do you feel related to Asia and also need some inspiration to be yourself while standing out? Then follow her Instagram account Asia Signature.

Check our event page for upcoming and past events for a quick look where Yustine will be speaking, or has been active as a public speaker.

Facebook Group
Would you like to get hands-on personal branding snippets with branding tips, join the free Facebook group “The Secrets to Building a Powerful Personal Brand” I host with Nataliya Volosovych, Founder of Profile Studio.

  • Passionate, Intuitive, Practical, Reliable and a Go-getter.

  • Entrepreneurial & Empatic leader

  • Networker & Matchmaker

  • Women empowerment

  • Creative marketing, communication, media and branding strategies

  • International experience & Market knowledge

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