5 Ways to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to grow your brand

I feel like Artificial intelligence (AI) has come into increasing focus in recent years and especially in the last couple of weeks, I get confronted with the concept A-LOT. I come across many newspaper and magazine articles, blogs, and people on LinkedIn who connected with me and want to chat about AI. (…and probably want to “sell” something to me) It seems like AI is THE hot topic of the moment.

Personal branding when you are "just" an employee

“Personal branding is overrated.” 

What’s the deal with building this personal brand? You might think: “How can it help me when I am just an employee? Why should I put so much effort into this? People will see the quality of my work, right? I work hard, I have my accomplishments…”

Branding, marketing and Web3 by Yustine Alvares

Branding & Marketing opportunities with Web3

Since we first encountered the first version of the World Wide Web, also known as Web1, brands have used the Internet to grow and gain awareness. The current development is Web3, where investors, consumers, and brands come together. Web3 has become a collective term for a new and better vision of the Internet.

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