“Personal branding is overrated.” 

Do you need a personal brand when you are just an employee?

During my workshops and masterclasses about personal branding, I meet a lot of people with different opinions, and statuses and in different phases of their careers. Which I love because one: I’d always try to learn from others as well. Secondly: it’s also what makes the discussions more lively. And while I’m always passionate to pass over my knowledge and the importance of building your own personal brand. One might still see it as something big and unnecessary. 

So what’s the deal with building this personal brand? 

You might think: “How can it help me when I am just an employee? Why should I put so much effort into this? People will see the quality of my work, right? I work hard, I have my accomplishments…”

And while it could be like that…

Never make assumptions! One of the main things I tell my clients is that one of the biggest mistakes they can make is to think you don’t need a personal brand. Don’t presume that if you work hard and do your best, someone will notice and give you a promotion or a salary raise. 

When the time comes to apply for a job or to compete with your peers and secure expanded opportunities, don’t assume that your effort, education, or performance will be enough to outpace the competition.

I like the idea of being ​​a “silent leader” and don’t like to promote myself. But, I understand that if I don’t stand out, no one will notice me. Keep this in mind! Because personal branding is no longer just for entrepreneurs and CEOs. Of course, it sounds more relevant to this group, but it’s equally important to other professionals and students (think internships!). It’s a way of differentiating yourself. It’s your way of telling the world who you are. It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise, personality, and values. And position yourself to navigate the world of your personal life and work with confidence.

Reinforce who you are

It’s a way to tell the world who you are. It’s an opportunity for you to communicate your expertise, personality, and values; it then positions you to eventually navigate your personal life and the professional world with confidence.

Personal branding helps you to establish and consistently reinforce who you are and what you stand for in your career and in life. You can voice your opinions on issues that affect your life, you empower yourself to maintain confidence while taking ownership of the part you play in your career growth.

Small examples like the way you shake hands with other people, what you wear and how you look, and the way you communicate all factor into our personal brands. And thus, how other people see you. Are you likable enough to work with? Do you have the requested skills? So, how do you build a strong personal brand as a fresh graduate, jobseeker, and employee? 

First ask yourself the following questions, to understand your unique value proposition:

Who am I?

What do I care about? 

What do I have to offer?

Why does it matter? 

Position yourself as a unique individual and service provider. If you don’t do this, others will define your brand for you. By understanding that your skills are unique and unlike any other employees or candidates — you will be better equipped to start building and sharing your personal brand in an interview, and on online profiles like LinkedIn. Remember that no one has the exact same skillset, and personality as you. Make use of it!

Once you know what your personal brand is and what unique strengths you have, it also doesn’t feel like you are bragging about yourself. You can be true, honest, and confident during any assessment or job interview. With confidence, you can easily tell your one-minute pitch. You can proudly share your accomplishments. 

Don’t over-sell yourself

So go out there. Tell your story. And most importantly, build true connections.
Remember that personal branding is not the same as constantly selling yourself!

Interested to know more about this topic or do you need my advice to build that strong brand?

Feel free to contact me at yustine@darkblue.international.

Written by: Yustine Alvares
Personal & Business Branding Strategist, Business Mentor, and Multiple Business Owner

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