23/11/2020 - 9:00 am


This virtual event…

is hosted by Warrior Woman CIC, a Social Enterprise that is committed to root women in an unshakeable sense of self-integrity and discover who they are and who they have been called to be.

At times like these, more than ever, we women are called to rise up, and unapologetically find and use our magical unique voice, and stand in our power, as we show up as the women Conquerors we have always been called to be.

Awaken to the opportunity, to stand in integrity, and build your freedom life. One that aligns with your truth and Purpose, so that you may also, inspire others to do so.

Join our co-founder Yustine Alvares on the 23rd– 29th for the Warrior Wake up talks,
where she will be giving a talk on the 27th, with other amazing Powerhouse Women, and share with you tools and tips, on how you can AWAKEN YOUR FEMININE LEADERSHIP, AND SHAKE THE GROUNDS OF THIS EARTH. With 7 DAYS of inspiring Talks.

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