04/03/2021 - 10:00 am

DBI Luxury Sales Masterclass


Key takeaways:
– Tap into a new market
– Get insight in the luxury world and UHNWI
– Upscale your sales skills
– Learn how to brand yourself and your business
– Learn how to set yourself apart from your competitors
– Relationship Building & Effective Communication
– Engage and Persuade
– Digital sales
– Time & Financial Management

Aimed at people who are:
– Salespersons who want to upscale their sales skills
– People working in the automotive, aviation, yachting, beauty & health, gourmet, travel, art, real estate sectors and concierges & personal assistants
– People who want to tap into the luxury market

Your hosts:
Paul and Yustine Alvares are the founders of Dark Blue International. They help your business grow.
Creating strong brands and awareness. National, regional, and international. And can introduce and connect you to relevant local and international networks.

Paul is a visionar and a true entrepreneur, connector, manager of international high-end lifestyle companies, brands, and entertainment.

Yustine is an expert in visibility, branding and strategy. She makes companies and individuals visible (on- and offline), knows a lot about business/personal branding, creates strategic business growth, ensures creativity, renewal, and retention of the look, feel, and tone of voice. Yustine is also a public speaker.

Our masterclass will be conducted online in Dutch and English.

We offer 3 time slots on 2 and 4 March 2021

Choose the best time slot* available suited to your agenda:
1. 10.00 am CET (4pm GMT / 5pm SGT / 6am SRT / 5am AST) conducted in ENGLISH
2. 2.00 pm CET (8pm GMT / 9pm SGT / 10am SRT / 9am AST) conducted in ENGLISH
3. 7:00 pm CET (3pm SRT / 2pm AST) conducted in DUTCH

*This booking form is for time slot 1!
Check the other events for a different time slot

35 Euro excl tax

*Reimbursement of 35 euro when signing up for DBI Luxury Sales Course starting15 March 2021. You will receive a discount code to make your booking.

* DBI Luxury Sales Course: We’ll introduce you to business and sales skills that make for successful rainmaking.
This course is designed to help professionals in becoming savvy and trustworthy experts to achieve selling and career success.

The course exists of pre-recorded webinars to follow at your own pace, plus personal contact moments to discuss your progress and answer any questions you may have.
Follow this link to read more.

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