5 Ways to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to grow your brand

I feel like Artificial intelligence (AI) has come into increasing focus in recent years and especially in the last couple of weeks, I get confronted with the concept A-LOT. I come across many newspaper and magazine articles, blogs, and people on LinkedIn who connected with me and want to chat about AI. (…and probably want to “sell” something to me) It seems like AI is THE hot topic of the moment. It still was a bit abstract for me in previous years, however, the possibilities of using AI seem rather interesting now. So much so, that I wanted to share more about “Artificial intelligence and how it can be valuable for your marketing and branding strategies”

Why is Artificial intelligence (AI) so promising?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a source of doubt. Worried by the feeling that automation is going out of control and the fear that AI might take over many jobs. Despite any reluctance you might have, AI seems like a great tool for building closer connections with your customers and clients.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that mimics human intelligence by allowing computer systems to learn from experience through iterative processing and algorithms. Those systems become smarter with each successful round of data processing because each interaction allows the system to test and measure solutions, as well as develop expertise in the task at hand.

Because this can be done much faster than a human can do similar work, AI systems can become experts much faster, making them incredibly effective for any process requiring intelligent decision-making.

It makes AI a powerful and extremely valuable technology because it enables computers to think and behave like humans, but at much faster speeds and with far greater processing power than humans.

What makes AI technology so useful?

The technology offers several benefits that make Artificial Intelligence an excellent tool for virtually any modern brand. Have a look at the following options:

  1. Automation – AI can automate a (repetitive) task that was previously done manually, without the feeling of being tired or having to take breaks like a human employee would need to do.
  2. Enhancement – AI improves experiences for end-users / clients via capabilities like optimizing conversation bots or customer service menus, and eventually delivering better recommendations that suit the end user.
  3. Analysis – AI can analyze data much faster than humans, allowing it to find patterns much more quickly, and it can also analyze much larger datasets than humans, allowing it to uncover patterns humans would simply miss.
  4. Accuracy – AI can be trained to become more accurate than humans, utilizing its ability to gather and interpret data to come up with better decisions for tasks like picking financial investments or identifying suspicious growths on x-rays.
  5. ROI – Because AI is able to give you many insights and data, it is an incredibly important technology to understand your brand and its relation to the end-user, so you can optimize your efforts to create more ROI in the long run. 

Simply put, AI allows you to make better decisions, improving core business processes by increasing both the speed and accuracy of strategic decision-making processes.

How can AI make brands more authentic?

When we are talking about marketing and branding strategies, an aspect comes to mind that is undeniably important: “Brand Authenticity”. And one of the biggest obstacles to brand authenticity is how impersonal it becomes as it scales. 

AI has the potential to provide a simple solution. The system learns which content, services, or products each customer or client prefers in order to provide them with more of what they desire. Brands can provide completely personalized experiences by strategically presenting the parts of their brand that each customer connects with. This one-on-one connection is what makes customers feel understood by brands.

Authentic brands require a distinct point of differentiation from their competitors. Generated designs, text, and content allow marketers to focus on fine-tuning rather than foundations. AI-generated assets shift the focus toward customer experience, giving marketers more time to work on the details that distinguish brands, and allowing marketers to invest their time in the aspects of their assets that customers will remember.

What about understanding how your brand is perceived? In contrast to customer surveys or interviews, sentiment analysis makes use of unfiltered customer feedback. When combined with the vast amount of data that AI can process, this application provides a comprehensive picture of how customers perceive brands. Marketers can better understand where they may be missing the mark by comparing these brand perceptions to their intended brand. Brands can become the most authentic versions of themselves by working to close this gap.

5 Ways to use Artificial Intelligence to grow YOUR brand

When we look at some big brands like Facebook, Tesla, Lenovo, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Starbucks, they all started using AI in their (digital) marketing strategy. So how can YOU use AI in your strategy?

  1. Advertising
    Advertisements can now be more realistic and engaging than ever. Using machine learning techniques, you can improve ad targeting. It enables targeted marketing campaigns by recognizing consumer preferences and behaviors automatically. Advertisers can create more personalized ads that are more likely to be effective by understanding customer preferences and behavior.
  2. Customer service
    Use AI chatbots to improve customer engagement and provide a more personalized experience. Chatbots powered by AI provide smarter, faster, and more effective responses to customer queries across platforms. Chatbots powered by AI can interact with your customers and prospects, provide personalized recommendations, and even place orders and bookings on their behalf.
  3. SEO
    Every marketer who works with Search Engine Optimization knows how difficult it can be at times. However, by incorporating artificial intelligence into the mix, you can begin to see better results. Consider knowing all of the words, phrases, and topics that excite your customers/clients. This is exactly what AI SEO enables you to do.

    Not only is it useful for websites and blogs, but consider the possibilities for captions on YouTube. We are creating more video content than ever before, but manually generated captions take time and may not be a priority when faced with a crowded content calendar. When using AI-generated video captions, brands can easily improve video accessibility. AI-powered captions, which can be used on live video, add depth to the video experience.
  4. (Web)design
    Although AI will never be able to replace a human designer, it may be able to assist them in coming up with new ideas and creating timeless designs. It can be used to aid the design process and produce better results. AI will prioritize efficiency and speed. For example, when A/B testing different designs, it’s critical to understand how users will react and their preferences. AI is extremely adept at analyzing behavior and identifying patterns.
  5. Augmented reality
    For example, you can now provide virtual try-on experiences to customers and even share them on social media. Potential customers are more likely to spend their money if they can try on products before making a purchase investment. Facebook and Instagram have already added try-on options to make social media shopping more appealing. 


AI can be a powerful tool for everything from basic brand accessibility to generated brand assets. AI excels at removing barriers between brands and customers rather than creating new ones.

It is important to keep in mind that Artificial Intelligence is just a tool and a resource that should be used as such. It’s not a replacement for humans but rather a means to enhance our productivity.

If you’re brave enough to take the risk, you might discover that your work could benefit from some automation.

Let me know if you believe Artificial Intelligence would be beneficial to your brand and the way you currently create your branding and marketing strategies.

Interested to know more about this topic or do you need my advice to build that strong brand while using AI?

Feel free to contact me at yustine@darkblue.international.

Written by: Yustine Alvares
Personal & Business Branding Strategist, Business Mentor, and Multiple Business Owner

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