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DBI Signature

DBI Signature is an international platform for networks, services, gatherings and partnerships on behalf of social, business, cultural, lifestyle, leisure activities, opportunities, and offers. Like-minded members with strong values. Inspire, Explore, Encourage Share and Support each other. We combine old and new school, so from contact and meet up in person in combination with our digital platforms. We connect our members from all over the world!

The exclusivity of DBI Signature and cooperation with selected partners makes it possible to enjoy a membership, who supplies you with all the privileges, whatever you need, arrange and/or want to get done. Members receive an overview of our Experiences but like we already mentioned, we’re constantly expanding so there will always be more.

Enjoy our services and become a member.

Become a DBI Signature Member

Becoming a member is an exclusive opportunity.
Therefore we offer two possibilities.

1. By invitation only.
Invited by DBI Signature or a DBI Signature Member.

2. By application. If you fit our profile.

Send your request to be approved by our membership committee.

Prestige and Elite Members pay a yearly non-refundable fee which provides access to all on- and offline offered facilities. From our closed secured internet community, up to exclusive member gatherings, events, entertainment, networks, offers, lifestyle management services, products, services and more.

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Our memberships consist of three levels:

Signature - Membership fee: FREE
Signature Prestige - Membership fee: on yearly base
Signature Elite - Membership fee: by invitation only

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DBI Signature

A worldwide exclusive private closed community for qualified people in business, sports, politics and social environments.

Our philosophy is: To create the unexpected

Dark Blue provides customized exotic adventures, luxury vacations, sales & rentals, jet charters, theatre/concert tickets, premier openings up to business consulting and much more.

Our Lifestyle Managers are your access to all VVIP events, experiences, products, and services worldwide. Whether it’s for pleasure or business, our Private and Corporate Services are designed in a way that everything is catered to your preferred level of assistance and tailored to your personal requirements.

Dedicated to the proposition: “Everything is Possible.”

We ensure your needs and expectations are always more than satisfied, yes even surpassed. 
We pride ourselves on discretion, access, and exclusivity, including insider and expert information to get what you want wherever and whenever necessary.

The purpose of your personal lifestyle manager is very simple:

 To give you freedom, save time, reduce stress and stay very productive. So whatever you need, arrange or want to get done, your personal lifestyle manager takes care of it.

Your personal lifestyle manager takes care of you, your family as well as corporate needs from arranging your travel and stay, up to planning, organize and running parties, receptions, VVIP packages, managing estates, taking care of specific personal and/or business arrangements.

We offer worldwide access to an affluent lifestyle for you, your family, friends and/or business-colleagues, 24/7, 365 days.


Luxury Market Place

Exclusive Luxury Cars
Sensational Real Estate
Exciting Wannahaves
Marvelous Experiences

... and much more!



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